Marlon Samuels urging to quit Test cricket


Marlon Samuels urging to quit Test cricket

West Indies middle order batsman, Marlon Samuels is on the verge of quitting Test cricket because of the low payments from West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

WICB isn’t paying sufficient amount to the players in order to keep them interested in Test cricket. They haven’t even look for any alternative to generate revenue. That’s the reason that Samuels is keen to play T20 leagues around the world to earn money.

Samuels told Cricbuzz, “The way how things are right now, it is forcing me to give it (Test cricket) up. If you look at the system now, we have more young players playing when we should have more senior players and a couple of young players.”

However, the reality is far away from what he said once as lure of T20 leagues is hard to ignore and Samuels is seriously thinking about it.

Former West Indies player Jeff Dujon confirmed the same. “He’s talking about it and he’s thinking about it. We kind of discussed it. I don’t think he’s fully made his mind up yet. But he’s starting to feel like he wants to”, he said.

Samuels is currently the most experienced player of the West Indies side in the ongoing Test series against India.