Darren Sammy asks for calm as fans protest outside the stadium


Darren Sammy asks for calm as fans protest outside the stadium

In a tent outside the Darren Sammy Cricket Ground in Gros Islet, some people raised voices expressing their disappointment over the player’s recent sacking as the West Indies T20 skipper.

The fans were seen holding placards as they vent out their anger towards the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), its president Dave Cameron and chief selector Courtney Browne.

Lashing out at the WICB, Anju Yadihins, one of the supporters, said that the board is consist of bunch of fools, who could not see the contribution that Sammy had put in for the Caribbean side.

“I believe that WICB is bunch of fools as they have taken a decision like this. Basically, I am not a lover of cricket, but I am Darren Sammy`s true fan. I believe he had contributed a lot for the West Indies cricket. He led them to two consecutive victories in World T20. And I think it was a form of disrespect. I think the move was revenge by these so called selectors. We St. Lucians are supposed to take a stand and show the entire world that we will support him. If a guy is a good captain and he gave you two championship victories. Then it is insane. And I think the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) will get a strong message from our protest,” Yadihins said.

“Yes, Darren might have had couple of bad days, where he gave some bad performances. But recently, in the CPL in Caribbean, Sammy did very well. It is disrespectful for St. Lucians. They say we have one of the best grounds and the Stadium is also being renamed after the guy,” he added.

All these supporters milled around Darren Sammy‘s black pick-up van when their hero arrived at the stadium, forcing him to come out. Even as they raised slogans in his favour, Sammy requested them to keep calm.

“Support the team. It’s playing. And I don’t want anyone of you to get arrested,” he pleaded with the fans. “We don’t mind getting arrested for you. You are our champion,” yelled Joicelyn Daniels, a middle-aged woman.

A smiling Sammy obliged fans with photographs, selfies and autographs before driving away towards the pavilion end of the stadium. He refused to speak to the media: “I’ve come to meet the players, let me go there.” He told the fans to support the team too.

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Darren Sammy was recently sacked from his reins as the skipper of T20I side. He has led West Indies to two of the World T20 titles: WT20 2012 and WT20 2016, and is the only cricketer to have done so. He has been an incredible leader and an inspiration for many in the Caribbean island. He is also the only active cricketer to have stadium being named after him.