Chris Gayle reveals the one record he wants to break before retiring


West Indies star batsman Chris Gayle wishes to make a comeback in the Test cricket. Speaking to the Fox Sports, swashbuckling batsman mentioned that he wishes to play till the age of 50 as he wants his daughter to watch him play someday. He wants his daughter to cheer for him from the stands at the venues.


“I want to be the first man to play til 50. I’d love her to see me play cricket. I want her to just turn up in the stands and watch dad play a game of cricket, I’d love her to actually witness it one day. Age is something, it’s a number. It’s about the body, when you’re young you can get away with a lot of things, you definitely do a lot more partying,” Gayle was quoted saying.

“You have to keep in shape and you have to start eating properly as well, now, being older now, you have to do all these things. Freshen up the body and make sure you can actually last longer,” he added.

Speaking further about the desire to play Test match cricket, he said, “I will play again. I want to score 400 runs in a Test match. I’ve done two triples, I think I can push it to four hundred. A lot of people want to see me back in Test cricket, a lot of people. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t announced I’ve retired because wherever I go, people want to see me play Test cricket, to give it one more shout, that’s why I’m holding out,” concluded the triple centurion.