Leanne Russell describes how Chris Gayle exposed himself to her


Leanne Russell, Chris Gayle

A massage therapist Leanne Russell said she “cried uncontrollably” after star West Indian opener Chris Gayle allegedly exposed himself to her, telling a Sydney court on Wednesday that it left her “very upset”.

“I was upset because of what Chris had done, we had known each other for 10 years and jokes of that nature meant nothing to him but they upset me greatly,” the masseuse said.

She told the four-person jury that Gayle approached her in the change room, pulled down the towel he was wearing and said, “are you looking for this? I saw the top half, apologies, and I, therefore, I shielded my view and left the change room.”

Leanne Russell

Ms. Russell told the court that another player, Dwayne Smith was in the change room but he was looking away over his right shoulder when Gayle exposed himself.

She also gave evidence that the flashing came a day after an uncomfortable incident with Smith when he texted her “sexy,” while she was massaging him.

“I felt that the players felt this was funny and had started to gather and attack to either try their luck or intimidate,” she said.

Russell said she decided to take her story to a newspaper the following year after seeing Gayle’s infamous sideline interview with sports journalist Mel McLaughlin when he said, “don’t blush baby”.

Chris Gayle

The court heard the alleged incident happened at the West Indies World Cup training ground, Drummoyne Oval, on February 11, 2015.

Gayle had given evidence denying the allegations saying it was, “the most hurtful thing I have actually come across in my entire life.”

Smith had also given evidence denying allegations saying, “That is something I would remember if it happened.”